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BlarneyQuick says: 

Here’s what the BlarneyQuick Racing idea is all about. It’s a simple idea really. It deals directly with the story of how one guy who owned a stock motorbike dreamed of turning that bike into a racing machine. Starting from scratch he set out to research just how that could be done by a real enthusiastic race bike lover with limited technical knowledge and funding.

Reading magazines, studying basic technical details, talking to other race bike lovers and when possible seeking person to person advice from workshop specialists he moved his quest along slowly but surely. It took time and a great deal of patience but in the end he knew a great deal about his bike and just what was needed to upgrade it to a machine he could one day take to a race track.

He began to investigate where he could have his bike transformed at a professional workshop by expert mechanics. Not an easy task as it turned out and again it took time and money just in assessing the ins and outs of that phase of his plan.

There were not too many firms doing that kind of specialist conversions. Also seeking the vital mechanical parts necessary in the work required more searching and a great deal of time and effort. Getting really down to earth costing on workshop labour hours was difficult. The biggest problem was that there was really no one place or person to turn to for help. It was only the sheer persistence and time consuming diligence of our BlarneyQuick Racing founder and CEO that won out. He finally got the whole act together and converted his bike to a race track machine.

At that point this man decided to create a company to easily do what he had done for other bike lovers with a similar dream as his. Now there is someone to turn to for advice and back up when the BlarneyQuick dream becomes your dream.

You can save time and money big time with a BlarneyQuick plan for your operation. You simply join our client base with a nominal registration fee and receive your Client Number Password to our database. After that you tell us your specific requirements for your bike and dream so we can help you.  

Terms and conditions for expert advice on your project will be at confidential negotiated fee rates.                           
BlarneyQuick Racing makes it easy and cost effective to live a dream ……. That’s the Idea!!!


BlarneyQuick is a standard of Excellence.

It is the name of a new company offering knowledge and advice in the conversion of standard motorbikes into racetrack quality performance machines. This will be done in an easy to understand fashion for the Everyman. Real time, practical, down to earth advice, with concrete guidelines for the transformation of the stock road bike into your dream machine.

Something you have always dreamed of doing and are now seriously considering. At BlarneyQuick we understand your wish to one day, on your own bike, experience the thrill of racetrack speeds under safe, secure and supervised conditions. We can make it more than a dream!

The founder of the BlarneyQuick Racing Company is a man who lived that dream and was inspired to create a firm specialising in aiding fellow bike owners to realise what he calls the BlarneyQuick dream. The ongoing thrill of converting your motorbike into a race machine and enjoying every moment of the adventure.

The team at BlarneyQuick HQ can take you through the nuts and bolts of the conversion every step along the way. From the basic planning stage, to funding the project and on to seeing your dream bike take shape on your workshop floor. The whole ethos of BlarneyQuick is in its open, transparent and honest relationship with its clients.

Dreams can come true. We know how to help you build your bike and where to suggest you race it. We know because we have lived the dream …… you can too!!!


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BlarneyQuick Racing
Established 2007