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2013 - Cassidy double Championship.  1000 & 750 Superbike classes.
Cheers to a great 2013 season! No crashes, many podiums and many wins.  Championships are hard to get, but we got them. Our 1000 had an ignition failure on Saturday at GNF for the last race, but we are blessed for all your support and will start getting ready for 2014! God speed!



September 7th, 2013 - Pittsburgh International Race Complex

"BlarneyQuick" won two Championships yesterday @ Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

Never expected we would win - but we did. The young man - Cassidy Heiser and his supporting family and crew are a great racing family.

#67 Cassidy Heiser has claimed both Superbike classes aboard the BLARNEY QUICK RACING GSXR1000 SUPERBIKE AND THE 750 SUPERBIKE !!!!! The hijacker has done it again !!!!!


August 3rd & 4th, 2013 - Virginia International Raceway


June 6th/8th - Cycle Jam 2013 at Road Atlanta

Cassidy gets two 3rd's against his strongest competition yet. 3rd in the 750cc and 3rd in the 1000cc. The new 1000 Suzuki GSX-R is proving competitive. Well done to the whole team. Cassidy leads both championships. 





A Superbike Expert 

Suzuki 1000 


A Superstock Expert 

Suzuki 1000 



B Superbike Expert 

Suzuki GSXR 750 



June 1st/2nd 2013 - Summit Point Raceway

Two more race wins at second round of the WERA Championships.

Cassidy Heiser took two race wins in rainy conditions at Summit Point in West Virginia this past weekend. So BlarneyQuick Racing takes the points lead in the 750cc and 1000cc Superbike Championship. Congrats to the whole team, next is this weekend in Atlanta Georgia.


April 20th/21st 2013 - Summit Point Raceway

A great opening weekend to the season with Cassidy riding the BlarneyQuick GSXR750 in 4 races.  Cassidy rode better and better as the weekend went on and he got used to the new bike.  Three 2nd places and a Win!  Massive thanks to all our sponsors.

Report from PSGTA follows:

Saturday Cassidy ran consistent 1:17's while testing in FP1 and FP2 practice on the all mighty 750. He was off his pace of 1:13's however he was taming the beast in 35 degree weather with an all new machine to adapt to. 

Saturday after his crew chief and mechanic made some adjustments, the Highjacker Heiser started seeing results and was able to get into the 1:15's.
The weekend would prove to be a tough one as the weather never broke 50 degrees and all teams struggled with tire choices. 

Time to go race . 

B Superbike which consists of tuned and modified 750's have Blarney Quick a mast opportunity to see what it was up against , as the Blarney Quick Racing machine has no engine mods.

Cassidy started from the 4th row and came through with his first podium of the season! 2nd place amongst a fierce and experienced group of Racers. 

A Superbike consists of 1000cc litter bikes fully modified is again a class many tonight to be out of reach for the Blarney 750 however, Cassidy was not far off pace and claimed a fantastic 2nd place on Saturdays A Superbike race! 
Sunday we woke up to a slightly milder day and a final practice , proved to give Blarney Quick Racing's Mark and Steve Heiser more input from Cassidy #67. Final adjustments were made. Suspension , tires and gearing.

B Superbike Cassidy qualified on the front row and was off to a great start with a more confident set up. He battled  with Hastings for the length of the race. Cassidy knew he had to make his move towards the end as Hastings had proved to have not only speed down the straight but more power.

Cassidy Heiser made his move through turn 8 on the inside, and gained the lead for in the last lap. He knew his opponent would get close through 9 and 10 so He let the beast loose and Hijacker Heiser #67came across the checker flag 2 seconds in front of Hastings. Results 1st place WIN.

A Superbike would be more challenging  and Heiser would needs to get a good launch off the start to have ample time to keep the 1000's off his back. Cassidy got off to a good start. 

11 bikes battled and switched places through out the course of the race. Cassidy chased down the leader Palmer and had reached his pace of 1:14's however down the long straight at Summit he was unable to bring home the win. Cassidy gave an outstanding effort knowing he was not only down on cc's but overall power against 1000 Superbikes. Still an impressive 2nd place podium finish ! 

His team could not ask for better results on the first weekend! 

I interviewed Blarney Quick Team Manager and he told us they knew they had a talented and fast rider , but they were ecstatic at how well and how fast he adapted without ever riding this machine! He also let us know there are plans and hope to have some new tools for the next round. " it's a surprise" he quoted " 

Blarney Quick Racing thanks all of its sponsors and wishes everyone a happy and safe riding season ! 


Here are a few photo's from the weekend.

The BlarneyQuick GSXR750

Cassidy and family


Winning rider and machine



Venue Date Bike Class Start Finish
Summit Point 4/20/2013 GSXR750 A Superbike 6th 2nd
Summit Point 4/20/2013 GSXR750 B Superbike 10th 2nd
Summit Point 4/21/2013 GSXR750 A Superbike 2nd 2nd
Summit Point 4/21/2013 GSXR750 B Superbike 2nd 1st

Points Standings:
Region Class Points Position
Northeast/Mid-Atlantic A Superbike Expert 34 2nd
Northeast/Mid-Atlantic B Superbike Expert 37 2nd

Full results from Wera can be found here


BlarneyQuick Racing - Cassidy Heiser

BlarneyQuick Racing has signed 18 year old Cassidy Heiser.  Cassidy has won nine national championships and we welcome him to the Blarney family.

BlarneyQuick Racing is providing a completely rebuilt Suzuki GSX-R750 and a brand new Suzuki GSX-R1000 prepped to privateer AMA Superbike standard.

Arai is sponsoring the racer package - he will wear the Blarney Arai, Spidi will be supplying Blarney leathers and gloves, with Sidi supplying the boots.  Dunlop providing support with the tires.

Some Cassidy facts...

Status: In A relationship with Kaelynn Kipp.
Birthdate: Oct 27th, 1994.
Hometown: York Pa.
Residence: York Pa.
Pets: One Dog.
Hobbies: Billiards, MMA.
Hero(s): Al Wilcox, Tom Delonge.
Currently Owned Bikes: 2 R6's. RS 125.
Motorcycles Raced: RS 125, SV 650,
GSXR 750, R6.
Favorite Motorcycle owned or raced: R6.
First Motorcycle raced and what age: Yamaha PW50 at 4.
Favorite Track: Road Atlanta.
Favorite Thing About racing: Speeds and the whole community.
Favorite Motogp Rider: Ben Spies.
Favorite Olympic Sport: Skiing.
Dream Car: Subaru STI.
Favorite Movie: Ted.
Favorite Food: Steak.
Favorite Musician: Tom Delonge of Blink 182 and Angels And Airwaves.
Favorite Place on Earth: Race Track and the gym.

For Career Stats click here

The 50cc Years......by
Steve Heiser

Cassidy Heiser started racing motorcycles in 1999 at the age of Four. By the end of his first season Cassidy was starting to run with the older kids and finished 6Th overall at Trailways Speedway .

By 2001 Cassidy got the 2nd place award at Trailways Speedway and won the PA State Championship. But by then he was showing promise on the bigger tracks and seemed to like the speed better than the rest. By 2002 Cassidy finally earned the top spot 1st Place at Trailways. He road many different tracks in the early years but when he got to a track where he could tuck he was having fun!

Moving Forward to 100's                                       

At the age of six Cassidy was looking to move up. Shifting gears was next and so he  started riding his Yamaha TTR 90 in the 100cc four stroke adult class. Riding against all age racers never seemed to be a big deal as Cassidy claimed at least 3 victoryís in his first year as a 100cc racer. Next on the agenda was the XR120. As some of the adult riders started to move on Cassidy got to ride a friends XR120. By 2004 he was winning regularly and had his sites set on the Paul Crumling memorial XR100 Plate(A Local Big Deal Race). But victory was to be denied as New York rider PJ Jacobson grabbed the number 1 plate in 2004. But never giving up Cassidy has claimed the Paul Crumling number 1 plate in both 2005 and 2006. Also in 2005 Cassidy was undefeated at Path Valley Speedway in the 100cc class.

Picking Up The Pace On The 65cc

By 2003 Cassidy was stepping up again this time to his RM 65 Suzuki. In his 1st year on the faster two stroke machine he proved to be threat to the older kids. He scored many wins and by the end of the season was 2nd in District 6 Sports Association and won the Path Valley Speedway 65cc Class. But the best was yet to come. In 2004 Cassidy and the family where ready to try some national racing starting with the AMA Winter National series at Daytona. At the very first race at Memorial Stadium he proceeded to beat the best the country had to offer. This first national win was quite inspiring for him and the effects would be long lasting. A crash later in the series made it difficult for Cassidy to win the overall due to a hand injury but he hung in there to end up with a 2nd in the mod. Class and a 3rd in the DTX class.                                         

Next was the Northeast Nationals. At this event Cassidy won every heat and every main he competed in earning him two Northeast National number 1 plates. After running some local races it was off to the AMA Grand Championships. Here Cassidy would earn another national victory this time on the half mile track. Along with the 1st place he would also get 2nd by a narrow margin in his second class.

After the nationals Cassidy went back home to finish the season.

And what a finish it was. After a whole season of racing he went undefeated in the 65cc class. He won every heat and every main at all the flattrack races held in the District 6 schedule. This earned him a Path Valley Speedway Track Championship in the 65cc class for the second year in a row. Cassidy also won the District 6 Championship. 2004 was a great year for Cassidy and his team!                           

More Power, Better Handling , The 85cc                                                                                                               

In 2004 Cassidy started riding his Honda CR85. He scored at least 3 wins in first year on the 85 class. So by 2005 Cassidy was ready to pick up the pace. In 2005 he got a new bike and that paid off. At about mid season he went on a winning streak and won every main event at all the local races he entered to the seasons end. This earned him another Path Valley Speedway track championship this time in the 85cc class.

At the national level 2005 was not the best . Cassidy did ride to a 2nd place finish at the Northeast Nationals 85cc Mod class just behind PJ Jacobson who won the overall in the class. In 2005 Cassidy also made many trips to the New York  tracks looking for new challenges. Here again he had a successful season at Oakland Valley Speedway. Cassidy won all of the main events he entered with the exception of 1. Yep it was PJ again .    


2006 would bring new challenges for Cassidy. He would start road racing. While the flattrack championships would suffer due to missing to many races one goal would be fulfilled. At the Northeast National Flattrack series he would again win all the heats and all the main events and grab the Northeast National 85cc (12 to 15)

number 1 plate. At 11 years old. Cassidy Moved up one class in 2006 hoping for faster riders to compete against. No luck.

The season really never ends for those who strive to be the best. In the winter monthís Cassidy gets plenty of practice riding on the ice. This a very important. Riding year round helps a young rider to stay focused and keep sharp. Hopefully the winter of 2007 will bring lots of ice.             



Hitting The Road On The Metrakit 72cc

In 2006 the winds of change began to blow. The Action Motorsports flattrack team picked up some 72cc Metrakit bikes. Road racing would be the next step. Cassidy took riders school at Summit Point Raceway in mid April. This was particularly trying because it was pouring rain and his first day road racing. He made it through the weekend just fine, going faster than some of the 600's and 750's in his school. Sliding the bike around was no problem, his flattrack experience more than prepared him for that. Next it was off to Nashville. As this was his first road race there no expectations. On this day 4th place would be the final result for Cassidy. Everyone was happy with that. So after that he would start getting some practice in a local Harley dealers parking lot. The next trip would be to Jennings GP. Having never been there before Cassidy had to learn the track with only 8 laps of practice before the US Mini GP race. Coming from 5th place he ended up leading the race on the final lap only to be drafted by the second place rider on the front straight, getting beat by .026 seconds. He also set the fastest lap of the race. Sundays race would be his first road race win by taking the top spot in the WERA Formula 80cc class.                                    

From that point on in the season a pattern of winning began. Having a comfortable lead at the next race at Talladega Cassidyís motor started to fail with 2 laps to go and ended up limping to the end in 2nd place. After travelling all night from Talladega to Summit Point WV he won the Formula 80 race at Summit Point on Sunday. Beaver Run was next and it was another win for Cassidy. With two more races at Summit Point and one more at Beaver Run Cassidy would win every race on his Metrakit.

To end the season the Action Motorsports team would be off to Mid Ohio for the AMA Road Race Grand Championships. At Mid Ohio Cassidy would have a race long battle with Tommy Aquino. At the end he ended up 2nd by .029 seconds. The second time in one season that the race win came down two less than 30 Milliseconds .Cassidy did set the fastest lap in the race and he was happy for that. Now itís off to Spain in Dec. for the World Mini GP at the Valencia circuit. He will be looking forward to a big season in 2007 moving up to the 125's at WERA and USGPRU races.   


Cassidy's Official Website below.


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Cassidy's career stats

Cassidy's Official Website

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